"I'd love to be a dog groomer, it's such a lovely little job"!

August 6, 2015


Groomers all over the world will have heard this from various people in their lives MILLIONS of times! I know we at Canny Cuts Dog Grooming hear this at least twice a day. 


This is a day from last week at Canny Cuts Dog Grooming:


The day begins at 5am! Get up, feed my dogs and myself, wash, dress and out the door for a good 2 hour walk. Back in, change into work clothes whilst the dogs either have a nap or play in the garden and then into the car for 8am. Get to the salon, settle my dogs whilst sorting out the clean washing, fire up the computer to check the days appointments and check the answer machine ready to make calls at a convenient time.


10 dogs to be bathed, dried and groomed to the owners requirements. Each dog takes approxmately 2 hours, has 3 towels used on them to dry them before the actual dryers are brought into action and a special hood that muffles the noise called a Happy Hoodie.


The first dog came in. Entire male. Weighs 70kg. Pees twice in the reception area. I bring him into the grooming area, Elly goes out to the reception area armed with disinfectant, cloths and a mop to clean the wee up. He won't go into a kennel and as he is the only dog in, I leave him to wander whilst I fill the bath ready for him. This takes 4 minutes. I turn round and he has had 6 more pees - including one on my sleeping dogs bed and some of it gets on her. I now have 11 dogs to groom! Between Elly and I, we manage to coax him onto the table which is then wheeled over to the bath so he can simply walk in like usual. He decides he doesn't want to which results in me climbing onto the table and walking into the bath with him. He then "endures" the bath as he won't let on that he secretly enjoys it, Elly dries him off, we then get him back out of the bath the same way as we got him in, this time with me standing in the bath and giving him a push as now he's in there, he doesn't want to get out again. I leave Elly to the drying and clean the bath out.


Now it is my little girl Cocos turn for the bath. She is tired and grumpy with pee on her back. I run her bath and put her little bed in the wash basket. She is not impressed when I place her in the bath and start washing her. Typical groomers dog - hates being groomed! She is also terrified of the main dryers, so I have to towel her and pop her in the drying cabinet. As I pop her in, the next dog arrives.


She is long overdue her groom as the owner has been poorly in hospital and relatives have been looking after her. She hasn't been brushed for a while and my heart sinks as I see she needs to be clipped off all over to start again and I have to explain it to the owner and ask her to sign a form to say she gives permission for us to clip her off. She is reluctant and asks us not to clip, but after explaining the reasons as to why, she agrees and signs the form. I do a health check, and into the bath she goes. I was dreading this bath as, during the health check I noticed that she had lots of dried up poop on her bum. Auntie Mel really struggles with poop lol! I give her a good old scrub with the shampoo and brace myself to remove the crusty poop. I finally get it off and she starts to poop. It's coming out like a sausage making machine and it doesn't seem to be stopping.I am gagging, Elly is almost wetting herself laughing at me and the poor little dog looks so relieved. Thankfully for me, Elly has finished the big lad and she comes to my rescue of cleaning up the poo and rinsing off the dog in the bath whilst I phone his owners to come and collect him. Again, he won't get in the kennel, and in the 5 minutes it takes for his owner to arrive, he has managed to squeeze out 3 more pees and leaves one very happy lad after lots of kisses and cuddles for us all. 


I turn my attentions back to the poop machine, who now is looking rather clean and smelling fresh. As she is so matted, I decide to wet clip her as this means I can use a slightly longer length blade and she will not be as short as originally thought, even though it still all has to come off. This takes a painstaking 2 hours. I then notice that I have blood all over my arm and panic sets in. Where has the blood come from? I frantically search all over the dog to see if I have caught her but there is nothing. I then look at myself to see if I have cut myself and I haven't. It then dawns on me and I realise that now the dogs sanitary area has been clipped, she is in season. I dry her, trim her nails and call her owner to come and collect before placing her in a kennel. 


During the time I've spent clipping and drying her, Elly has managed to bath, dry and groom out a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a Pug and a Jack Russell, all of which have behaved impeccably. It is now 12 'o' clock, but there is no time to waste as the next dogs have arrived.


They are from the same family and are mega cute, teeny little Chihuahuas. One of them has been here several times before and the owners have just adopted the other one. She is very friendly and we have little cuddles whilst the first one is being bathed and I put the washing machine on. 9 towels, 2 Happy Hoodies. I come back into the salon and Elly is drying the frst Chihuahua. I start to bath the second and she is loving it. She also loves the dryer and is really enjoying it. Elly is now eating her stinky noodles and all is calm. Then I go to clip the new Chihuahuas nails and she turns into a biting piranha! She got me right on the hand and now there is blood gushing out of me going all over the place, the other dogs owner comes in to collect her, Elly is on the phone and the calm, serene state is overtaken by mayhem.I end up with a bandage on my hand and it takes 2 of us to clip her nails - 1 to clip, and one to hold her and the tiny muzzle that is slightly too big for her. It was terrifying! But what a sight it must have been - 2 grown women frightened of a dog that weighs 6lbs!





Fortunately, the remaining 3 dogs go smoothly and we are finished just after 6pm. Unfortunately, the washing machine has broken down during the day. I have 33 towels and 10 Happy Hoodies to wash. They get bundled into the car along with ourselves and my 4 dogs and off home we go. 


After a shower, food, and walking the dogs for 2 hours, I finally settle down at 9.30 to begin the paperwork and accounts for the day. All done by 11 and bed is screaming my name. My head hits the pillow, I run lots of lists through my mind and I finally get to sleep through sheer exhaustion. Hopefully ready to start all over again when I wake up.


So, do you still think it is a "lovely, little job"?


Yes, it is lovely, it is rewarding and I wouldn't change it for the world. Is it little? Hell NO! I am knackered! I was in the British Army for 13 years before being medically discharged and told I'd never be able to work again. Sometimes, the work I did in the Army was like a walk in the park on a gorgeous summers day - and sometimes, being a groomer is like walking on hot, broken glass bare footed wearing a boiler suit in the desert. But this is my life and I LOVE IT!








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August 5, 2015

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