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6th of January 2021



The official statement from the Government as of Monday the 4th of January for businesses that can remain open included the following lines:


"Animal rescue centres, boarding facilities and animal groomers (may continue to be used for animal welfare, rather than aesthetic purposes)".


The word WELFARE is very open to interpretation. Depending on how you look at it, welfare could be classed as regular grooming appointments to maintain the coat or it could be in certain situations only that the welfare of the animal (in our case dogs) is at risk.


So, I am asking you, the owners and very valued customers of Canny Cuts Dog Grooming, to decide if you still want or need your appointment during this period of lockdown.


If you feel that your dog(s) will be able to miss an appointment and not have a detrimental effect on their welfare, then please feel free to cancel your appointment. If you feel that missing an appointment will have a detrimental effect on their welfare, then your appointment will go ahead as planned.


All that I ask is for you to confirm if you will be attending in order to ensure that we have the right amount of staff in each day and the required PPE ready. I will be calling all those booked in already to ask what you are intending to do.


I have included a section from the Animal Welfare Act 2006 for more guidance and clarification if needed, along with some examples to consider.


The Animal Welfare Act states the 5 Welfare Needs for pets, which are:


Health – Protection from pain, injury, suffering, and disease and treated if they become ill or injured.


Behaviour – the ability to behave naturally for their species eg. Play, run, dig, jump, fly, etc.


Companionship – to be housed with, or apart from, other animals as appropriate for the species. i.e. company of their own kind for sociable species like rabbits or guinea pigs, or to be housed alone for solitary species like hamsters.


Diet – a suitable diet. This can include feeding appropriately for the pet’s life stage and feeding a suitable amount to prevent obesity or malnourishment, as well as access to fresh clean water.


Environment – a suitable environment. This should include the right type of home with a comfortable place to rest and hide as well as space to exercise and explore.


As dog groomers in this situation, we are mostly able to help with two of these needs - Health and Behaviour.


Other things to take into consideration could be the following:


🐶 Is your dog severely matted and the matting is causing your any of the problems listed in the 5 Welfare Needs?

🐶 Does your dog have any skin issues that requires regular bathing/grooming/medicated shampoo?

🐶 Does your dog have any disabilities or other health issues that are eased by grooming?

🐶 Are your dog's nails overgrown and causing them discomfort or problems whilst walking and they need clipping?

🐶 Are you unable to maintain the coat at home with regular brushing for any reason?


If you have any questions or queries, please call us on 01743 243928 or send a WhatsApp message to 01743243928. We are always available to offer help and guidance with regards to maintaining the coat at home and we will still be here to sell essential pet items in Canny Cuts Pet Supplies


We will keep everyone updated with any new information we receive with regards to staying open etc as we receive it.


Thank you for reading my essay and stay safe 🥰

6th of November 2020

5th of November 2020

Hi everyone,

Just a polite reminder that we are closed for grooming today.

There are various guidelines and information out there as to whether or not we can open. I am still waiting for the green light from Shropshire Council as ultimately, they will be the ones that issue fines and close the business down, which I cannot, and am not prepared, to risk.

Canny Cuts Pet Supplies is still open for business all day today for you to come in and get your food and treats, pick up your Canny Surprise

boxes, and other accessories.

We will also be offering a drop off service within Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas for items purchased whilst we are in lockdown. Check out the page for further information on this.

Please take care, and hope to see you all again very soon.

Auntie Mel.


We have looked at the guidelines issued by PIF, CFSG, Shropshire Council, and Gov.UK with regards to whether or not Canny Cuts Dog Grooming may operate during the lockdown.

The clearest and most prominent guidance is that we may groom for welfare reasons such as dogs that require bathing in veterinary prescribed shampoo, severe matting, overgrown nails, etc.

If you feel that your dog falls into this category, then please attend your appointment.

We will open on restricted hours with a limited number of dogs from Monday the 9th of November.

Those who have appointments will be contacted tomorrow, Saturday the 7th of November if you haven't been already.

BUT, you must take into consideration the following:

* Is your dog a welfare case, or likely to become one by waiting 4


* Is the journey to Canny Cuts Dog Grooming essential?

Please remember that you may be stopped by the Police or other enforcement officers and a fine may be issued. (We have been informed of this from Shropshire Council).

* Do you fall into one of the categories that are required to self isolate?

Examples are found here:


* Can you combine your visit to Canny Cuts Dog Grooming with another essential activity such as shopping, medical appointments, etc?

* Can you walk your dog to Canny Cuts Dog Grooming as part of your daily exercise and for the welfare of the dog?

We are also able to arrange a collection and drop off service for your dogs during this time if needed, for an additional cost.

Please take care during this strange time.


We completely understand if you do not want to attend your appointment, just as much as we completely understand if you do.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us in one of the following ways:

Message the page

Drop us an email at

Message or call us via Whats App on our usual number 01743 243928

Leave a message on the voicemail on 01743 243928

4th of November 2020


As we are all aware, the country goes into lockdown as of midnight.


Unfortunately, it has not been confirmed whether or not dog groomers have to close as there are many gray areas surrounding our trade and the regulations.

I have been in regular contact with Shropshire Council and they have confirmed that they will be in touch ASAP once they have received the guidelines from Parliament etc. Until then, please assume that Canny Cuts Dog Grooming will be CLOSED as of 2359hrs this evening.

We understand that this is a stressful time for everyone, and rest assured that we are doing all that is physically possible to carry on with business.

We will update the Facebook page and the website to keep everyone informed/

Due to us having almost 2000 clients on the books and we are trying to complete as many dogs as possible before the end of the day, we are unable to contact everybody individually.

Abusive messages/calls to Facebook, WhatsApp, and via telephone will not be tolerated and all future appointments with us here at Canny Cuts Dog Grooming will be canceled and not reinstated.


Thank you for your patience and understanding at such an uncertain time.

Mel and the Girls

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