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Here at Canny Cuts Dog Grooming we use only the very best quality dog shampoos, fragrances and grooming equipment. Each product is chosen to match your dogs skin and coat type. If you use a specific shampoo for your dog and wish to bring that along for us to use, please do so. This is especially important if your dog has veterinary prescribed shampoo.
We try to offer as much variation in services and products as there is variation in dogs - for every dog there is a product which suits their needs best - wiry coats to wool coats, sensitive skin to flaky skin, elderly dogs to the youngest of puppies. We are more than happy to help with all individual requirements.
The salon is clean, modern, fully air conditioned and, most importantly of all, dog friendly! This is to ensure that your dog is in a safe and comfortable environment where all his needs are met. We can cater for any size dog, big or small. All are welcome at Canny Cuts Dog Grooming.
We will never sedate your dog and are happy to work alongside you to get your dog more comfortable throughout the process until we can groom them safely.
Owners are more than welcome to stay with their pet throughout the grooming process, although this is not always best for them. Please discuss this with us at the time of booking your appointment.
Various dog treats are always available to your dog whilst in the care of Canny Cuts Dog Grooming. If you do not want your dog to have these treats during their groom, please make it clear before the groom starts. Likewise, if you have your own treats you would like the dog to have during their visit, please feel free to bring them along.
Canny Cuts Dog Grooming accepts debit and credit cards, as well as cash payments. We are no longer able to accept payment by cheque or American Express.
Full Personal Consultation
This is designed so that both owner and groomer understand what is required to achieve the best possible service and outcome possible. This is also where any known ailments, injuries or behaviour issues whilst being groomed are to be pointed out to the groomer. Canny Cuts Dog Grooming is always honest with our clients, so please be honest with us. A dog will not be turned away unless in EXTREME circumstances.
Nail Clipping
Quick trim of the nails. No appointment is needed for this, but please call ahead in advance.
Ear Cleaning 
Thorough cleanse of the ears. Please note that ear plucking is considered as an invasive procedure and in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, Canny Cuts Dog Grooming does not provide an ear plucking service. Please call 01743 243928 for more information.
Puppy Package
This is a select package designed to enable your puppy to become accustomed to being within the grooming environment and the procedures / routines used. We begin with a 30 minute meet and greet where we can play with the dog, handle their feet, ears, face etc and get them used to standing on the table. This can also be adapted for older dogs new to grooming or dogs that are nervous. 
The second part of the package is a bath and tidy. The third part of the package is the Full Groom. Please see the services below.
Bath and Tidy
Pre-bath brush out, ears cleaned, warm and massaging bath in a specially designed doggy Hydro bath using a specific, quality, all natural shampoo to suit your dogs needs, nails clipped, pads trimmed, blow dry and brush through and some light trimming.
Full Clip
Full breed standard or owners preference clip. De-matting**, pre-bath clip (specific breeds only), bath and dry (please see the Bath and Tidy service for information on the bathing), finishing clip and scissoring.
** If matting is severe, we may require you to pay an extra hourly fee or part thereof. If extremely severe, the coat may have to be clipped down for your pets benefit, and then left to grow out with regular grooming to keep it matt free. You will be required to sign a permission to shave a matted coat form. If you will not sign the form, the groom will be stopped and any monies owed are to be paid in full.
Hand Strip
This is the process of removing the dead hair from a non-shedding dog by hand. This service is not suitable for dogs that have previously been clipped. This service includes a Bath and Tidy (please see above).
The Furminator
The Furminator is a special tool designed to remove the dead undercoat of dogs to help it shed and leave less pesky hairs in your home. This service includes a Bath and Tidy (please see above).
Food, treats and accessories
Canny Cuts Dog Grooming now provides a wide range of food, treats and accessories for your pets. If you cannot see what you want on the shelves, please ask as we may have it in the back or be able to order it in for you.
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