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Please leave any comments you have about the service you and your dog received whilst at Canny Cuts Dog Grooming via the Contact Us page and I will copy it onto the Testimonials page. Thank you.
"My dog is nervous, especially when being groomed. He has been to the same groomers for years and had to be sedated every time. I took him to Mel at Canny Cuts and explained the situation. We put him on the puppy package and after a couple of visits to Mel he was able to be groomed without being sedated and I stayed with him throughout. It seemed to me like he actually enjoyed it! We have booked in for the rest of the years appointments to avoid disappointment!" - Mrs P and Fred
"Thank you very much, excellent service provided." - Dan Peake
"Mel is always honest with us about out dogs and has given us some wonderful advice to point us in the right direction. It is clear that Mel has a passion for dogs." - Natalie & James Jackson.
"I took my elderly dog to Mel to be groomed and stayed throughout as my dog can get worried and I do worry about her. During the health check, Mel noticed a lump on my dogs tummy and advised me to take her to the vet ASAP. I took her the next day and the vet ran some tests. It was a tumour which had to be removed. If Mel hadn't pointed this out to me I would have been none the wiser and may well have lost my dog. I am very grateful to her." - Ms C and Toots.
"Fredi was so polished when we collected him you could see your face in him. Excellent service and fees. Mel is brilliant. Not too sure about a bow on a bull mastiff!!!!!! "- James Tomlin and Fred.
"I didn't even recognise my dog when I went to collect her from Mel. Outstanding job and the best hand strip my dogs ever had at an excellent, reasonable price" - Mrs M and Milly.
"I was never happy with the other groomers I tried for my Poppy, then Mel opened Canny Cuts just down the road from where I live and I couldn't be happier! My Poppy is much happier when shes been there and looks brilliant every time" - Mrs Dodds and Poppy
"We are very pleased with the service provided by Mel. She is always happy to help and our dogs love her! We were very nervous about having our dogs groomed for the first time but Mel soon put us at ease. Now, the dogs drag us into the salon to see her whenever we walk past and we have trouble getting them out again! We love the new salon and wish Mel and Canny Cuts Dog Grooming every success in the world xxx - Debs, Tom and the fluffy ones
"I fully recommend Mel @ canny cuts. My Phoebe loves her, she's polite, knowledgeable and always swift to return my calls. The prices are very reasonable too." -  Paul and
"Auntie Mel treats the dogs really nicely, my Bichon is excited to go and be groomed. I recommend canny Cuts 100%, Mel adds the special finishing touches!!" - Lou and Suri
"Yet again Sam comes back from Canny Cuts looking gorgeous! Great groomer x" - Tina and Sam
"Mel is fab. Excellent friendly service. Alfie always looks fantastic after his cut and we always feel very comfortable leaving him in the capable hands of Mel. he always has a spring in his step after being groomed. Would def recommend." - Victoria and Alfie
"Woody looks lovely following his trip to canny cuts. Thanks Mel. X" - Emma and Woody
"Great Bedlington clip on my Pip, I love it! Thank you so much" - Karen and Pip
"Dottie and Millie love visiting Mel and always look so beautiful when they have been pampered x" - Eilidh, Dottie and Millie"
"Great friendly groomers. My dog Bailey looked amazing after his cut. Very professional and reasonably priced. Highly recommended." - Nicky and Bailey
 I would like to say a massive thank you to Mel, Elly and Holly for the wonderful care they showed to Woody when he came in for his groom. He couldn't have been in better hands and he looked brilliant when Mel had finished with him. He has definitely found a new groomers and I can't recommend them highly enough. Thanks Aunty Mel and the team x - Mark and Woody

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