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Have an appointment?

It's Wednesday afternoon and todays appointments look like this:

0900 - Lab Bath and Tidy

0930 - Puppy Intro

1000 - Lab Bath and Tidy

1100 - Cocker Bath and Tidy

1200 - Cocker Bath and Tidy

1230 - Border Collie Bath and Tidy

1300 - Husky Bath and Tidy

1400 - Bichon Full Groom

1400 - Cocker Bath and Tidy

1500 - Sml X Breed Full Groom

1600 - Lge X Breed Bath and Tidy

It is now 1345 and I am sat blogging instead of grooming a Husky. Such a waste, don't you think? The reason for this is because both the 1230 and 1300 appointments haven't turned up DESPITE being sent a text message reminder and one of the owners even called this morning to confirm that they would be here on time.

I am now down over £70 minimum. With notice of cancellation, I could have called up the clients on my waiting list and recouped some of the money, or fit in new clients who have been calling today to ask for a same day appointment that I have sadly turned away. It may not seem like a lot of money, but £70 is a huge hit to a small business like Canny Cuts Dog Grooming.

For example, £70 would have paid towards:

*Staff wages





*The new CCTV system I have just had to purchase for your and your dogs safety and peace of mind

*The text reminders that clients find priceless

*Phone and internet

All of the above are essential to running Canny Cuts Dog Grooming. And believe it or not, people fail to turn up for their appointments on a regular basis! If 2 dogs a week fail to attend, I could be (and have been) short over £280 a month, which covers the monthly grooming supplies bills and the astronomical electric bills.

Similarly, if a dog is more than 15 minutes late, we may have to turn you away and re-book for another day. The day is scheduled with allowance for some late shows, but depeding on the breed and amount of work required, we may not have time to correctly and safely groom your dog.

We do understand that things happen out of your control such as accidents and illness and we make allowances for this. However, for repeat offenders, there is a NO SHOW and LATE FEES policy. These are available to view in the salon and will be added to this site later today.

Please be on time for your appointments and please let us know if you are unable to keep an appointment as soon as you can.

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